Nowadays there are a lot of units that provide customs declaration service. For
export and import procedures to be done fast, owners of goods have to choose the
professional service unit, with reputation, in-depth skills – LOKI LOGISTICS
Company with a team of experienced staffs, with education in the correct field,
dedication to the profession, high learning spirit. We guarantee to provide
professional and reputable customs declaration service, on behalf of the enterprise
implementing the procedures, electronic customs declaration service, applying HS
code for goods, applying tax prices, entrusted and packaged export and import

* LOKI LOGISTICS provides a series of services including:
 Customs clearance for import/export includes LCL, FCL and Air.
 Apply for import/export license fast and professional.
 Entrusted export/import.
 Advice or support customers to purchase cargo insurance.

 Applying for Phytosanitary certificates, veterinary certificate, Certificate of
Food Hygiene and Safety, certificate of conformity.
 Customs procedures: product announcement, chemical declaration,
import/export license …
 Transportation from the airport to the customer warehouse throughout
Vietnam – Packing, packaging, unloading and warehousing.
With the previously mentioned services, we have received high trust from the most
difficult and most demanding for quality of customers.